Why every wholesaler, manufacturer, and supplier needs to have a B2B eCommerce portal

Why every wholesaler, manufacturer, and supplier needs to have a B2B eCommerce portal

A new report by Avionos showed that 88 percent of B2B buyers prefer a better eCommerce experience over lower pricing.

Innovation is the new deciding factor when it comes to selecting a supplier. “This is a critical moment in B2b commerce…and suppliers need to take note if they’re going to stay in the game.” said Avionos president Scott Webb in a statement.

B2B eCommerce isn’t just a new norm in business, it also has several advantages and opportunities for suppliers, manufacturers, and wholesalers.

  • Reach new customers

Even the best of salesmen can only travel so far or visit so many customers on a daily basis and every business will reach that point where it gets difficult to find new customers in order to grow. A B2B eCommerce portal is an opportunity to reach new customers without the need of sending a sales person to make the deal.

With the proper use of referrals, marketing, and advertising your business can reach customers virtually anywhere at little to no cost.

  • Drive sales by customer self-serving

Why have a customer wait for a sales rep when they need to restock that hot-selling product that just flew off the shelf? Limiting a customer to only being able to restock every so often might drive down their sales and your own alongside. Having an eCommerce portal will allow your customers to place their own orders at their convenience and also keep track of their history.

Empowering a customer to place their own orders not only increases their perception and satisfaction about a supplier but also incentivizes their buying habits. Having the option to buy when, what, and how they want will drive sales significantly.

  • Keep up with current trends

Businesess need to keep up with cutting-edge technology in order to not be overtaken by the likes of Amazon Business or be replaced by another supplier with a simple Google search

Adapting to technology trends makes customers more likely to keep shopping with the same suppliers they have been with for a while while also making the business more attractive to new clients who might already be used to these type of channels and do not wish to work in any other way.

With inSitu Sales B2B eCommerce Portal you can easily set up a profesional online portal with  personalized catalogue, pricing, and shopping options for each customer. Upload all of your client and product information with ease from your preferred software and just as simply have their orders available cross platform within moments.

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