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– Improved inventory picking accuracy 
– Order fulfillment tracking 
– Connects with barcode scanner for faster product entry
– Upcoming tasks to be added: 
          – Receive Inventory
          – Transfer Inventory
          – Load Truck

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Stronger Order Fulfillment Within Minutes

Bring the most out of both your warehouse, and your order picker teams. Automatically generate product picklists from approved orders, then watch them be fulfilled in realtime. 

Error-Free Warehouse Order Picking 

Our software carefully tracks each product quantity added, and will reflect the amount still needed, whether there’s sufficient stock available, and which customer the list is for. 

Scan Product Barcodes

Enter in item quantities manually, or use your barcode scanner for faster product entry.

Accurate Picking With Partial Or Complete Lists

Ensure accurate quantities are reflected by allowing lists to be partially filled, showin amount picked, and amount needed. 

Instantly Sync Lists While Picking

Lists are updated as you work, reflecting progress or completion without added prompts, and adding new customer orders. 

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Order Fulfillment With The inSitu Inventory App

inSitu Inventory adds even more functionality to your admin portal. Regain confidence in your ability to reliably commit to any number of orders, while effectively monitoring stock. With full control of your fulfillment process, who picks which orders, and the priority in which they’re packed. 

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Send Order Lists For Fulfillment On The Portal

Sales orders will appear under your ‘Order Fulfillment’ tab, where you can view the inventory included in the order, and select which picker you would like to complete it. 

insitu inventory order sync

Instant Sync To Pick New Orders And View Past Ones

Orders sent to pickers for fulfillment show up on their app immediately so both sides can stay proactive with completing orders. 

insitu inventory add products

Connect With Barcode Scanner Or Add Products Manually

Connect a wireless barcode scanner, such as  1D & 2D SocketMobile scanners to quickly add the correct number of products. Quantity can also be controlled by pressing the + or – signs below inventory. 

insitu inventory picklist updates

Receive Updates On Partially Picked And Fully Picked Lists

Thanks to the instant sync, orders still being completed or encountering difficulties will be represented as partially picked, allowing admins to know which products are still missing. Once the required quantity is reached, the order is marked as fully picked.