How to Extend Your QuickBooks® Functionality With a Sales App

How to Extend Your QuickBooks® Functionality With a Sales App

With over 6 million customers worldwide, QuickBooks® is certainly a largely used software due to its variety of functions and ease of set up, however, not every business is the same and when you want to exponentially increase sales and profits then there is the need for some extra tools.

QuickBooks® has the ability to expand its potential by integrating with 3rd party apps. These are divided into a wide array of categories such as warehouse management and sales applications.

Integrating QuickBooks® with a sales application like inSitu Sales can be just what your business needs to increase growth and drive sales.

Give your field reps access only to the information they need to make the sale

Sales reps are a very important part of every distribution operation but there is a lot of financial and logistic information they really don’t have to see.

Our granular data controls let field reps access everything they need to close a sale, while ensuring permissioned control of your company’s data.

With the inSitu Sales mobile app, a company can control the type of transaction, customers, products, and even prices that are visible to field sales reps. Having this type of control ensures that reps are focused on their assigned tasks and customers, streamlining sales and helps prevent cannibalizing sales.

Keep your information synced across the board

Want to make sure all your reps know about restocked or new ítems? No worries, with the inSitu Sales mobile invoicing app your reps automatically get live inventory and product changes done on QuickBooks®. There is no need for someone doing back-office to stop their work to notify each rep. All product information such as stock, warehouse, and pricing will be automatically updated to each of the rep’s mobile devices.

At the same time, anything your reps do will automatically update to QuickBooks®. As they focus on their job during the day you will start seeing sales and transactions come into QuickBooks®. This way the orders can be fulfilled immediately while also being able to prepare future orders from suppliers in a more efficient manner.

Better planning and control of your Company

QuickBooks® is a great accounting software, but there are some reports and tools that even QuickBooks® does not have. Using additional third-party apps like inSitu Sales will give you more tools to track and plan more efficiently for your business.

inSitu Sales comes with a complete reports module and it also has an Enhanced Analytics tool that would completely change the way you forecast and track sales. This tool will not only help you see how your business is doing currently or in the past, but it will easily help you plan out how to best approach coming changes and overall operations.

Integrating third-party sales apps like inSitu Sales to your QuickBooks® will not only save time and headaches, it will drive sales and profits by letting everyone in the supply chain of your company focus on tasks that really need more attention.