inSitu Dispatch

Delivery Management Software For Wholesale Distributors

inSitu Dispatch allows distributors to easily access an optimized delivery management calendar where they can assign new order invoices to drivers, schedule sets of delivery routes for specific dates, and track drivers on routes with realtime GPS. 

Drivers can report ETA between each destination, receive timestamps and receipts for each completed delivery, plus add pictures and electronic signatures for confirmation. 

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inSitu Dispatch Features

Below are just some of the key features that make inSitu Dispatch vital to equipping drivers to fulfill delivery orders for your team. 

delivery route directions 1556 × 1037

Turn By Turn Directions

inSitu Dispatch connects with your phone’s maps to offer guided directions to each stop. Every time a driver selects to start a new delivery, they will recieve updated updated and accurate instructions.

delivery route stops 1556 × 1037

Build Route Stop Sequences 

Keep track of delivery stops you’ve already visited, and how many are left before the day’s route is completed. 

realtime GPS timestamps1556 × 1037

GPS Tracking With Timestamps 

Every stop on a driver’s delivery route will provide an ETA updated in realtime using GPS, and will be marked with a timestamp upon completion. Predict when sales will be completed, and measure driver efficiency with records of final results.  

point of delivery confirmation 1556 × 1037

Point Of Delivery Confirmation

Add point of delivery confirmation options for added assurance of completed stops. Drivers can choose to add signatures, pictures, or notes to any invoice receiving payment.