Improve Sales Route Efficiency While Reducing Overhead

Route Accounting Software 

inSitu Sales route accounting software scales distribution with route optimization, real-time inventory tracking, sales rep check-in, and automated ERP sync. Our system is tailored to improving key metrics for your sales team while reducing wasted time and money spent on manual processes. 

Through the admin portal, distributors can decide what they’d like to prioritize (time, inventory, mileage, size, etc), assign customer and inventory lists to reps, and receive live updates on time-stamped deliveries and invoice confirmation. 

Now with QuickBooks®, Fishbowl, Epicor, Xero, and SAP Business One Integration.

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What Are The Benefits Of Route Accounting?

Reduce Wasted Mileage With Route Optimization

QuickBooks is excellent at managing inventory, payments, and invoices, but wouldn’t you like to have all that information on-the-go? inSitu Sales gives you access to one central portal for all your field sales, online storefront, and client information. You can manage everything from invoices to inventory with the simplicity of our route accounting and B2B wholesale platform.

Plays Nice With QuickBooks

Whether you have QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online, inSitu Sales supports both platforms. Input your account information, and the data will automatically sync between the two platforms.

Granular Data Access

If you don’t want your sales reps seeing every part of the QuickBook data, inSitu lets you choose what users can access. With these granular permissions, you decide which customers or product profiles each sales rep can view and edit.

Offline Mode Built-In

Truck sales may take your team members into areas without reliable cell service. Data is automatically stored and synced when service is available, ensuring your truck inventory stays up-to-date.

Works Across Strategies

We support pre-sales, direct store delivery, truck sales, van sales, and many more common industry sales strategies.

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Have more questions? Take a look at the specifics of our QuickBooks field sales integration.

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Route Accounting Software Key Features 

Our flexible route accounting software makes sales reps’ work easier, so admin teams and outside sales leadership can focus on the strategy. Discover what we can do to help drive your business.

Address Geocoding For Route Planning

Import customers directly onto your map with integration from Quickbooks or Excel. Use shipping or billing info to add your customers’ profiles directly onto the map.

Route Compliance

Real time GPS tracking for your sales reps and drivers. Time-stamped deliveries and invoice submissions help you monitor field performance and stay on schedule. 

Multiple Route Optimization  

Calculate distance between customers and assign efficient routes with multiple stops. Avoid wasted overhead with optimal time and mileage for deliveries.

Inventory Management

Assign ‘virtual warehouses,’ or individual inventories to reps and drivers for tracking according to routes. Get live updates on inventory in the field after each completed invoice submission. 

Can Connect With Sales Analytics Software

Option to use with our enhanced sales analytics software for data driven growth decisions. Export insights for as visualized sales data, or in depth pivot tables. 

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Proof Of Delivery

Capture signatures on completed invoices, then, using your customized templates, either email them as PDF’s or print them as physical receipts.