QuickBooks® Online Integration For Distributors

Our QuickBooks® Online integration prioritizes a fast and easy sync to equip your sales reps with all the necessary data from your account.

Simply choose the data you wish to be available to each rep, then import your segments over.

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Two Way Sync

Sync your customers, orders, invoices, estimates, and credit memos directly from your accounting software. Data flows quickly and easily between inSitu Sales & NetSuite.

Mobile Payment Processing

Connect payment processing gateways such as Stripe & to collect on any full or partial payments due.

Live Inventory Tracking

Track inventory levels to guarantee available stock during sales transactions by transferring products, swapping to a different warehouse, or declining due to insufficient inventory.

Seamless Omnichannel Sales

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Information After Data Sync

Your data sync is fully automated, you just need to confirm that all fields applicable for your business are marked ‘successful.’ If any fields are unable to connect, please doublecheck that your QuickBooks® has existing values for it recorded. 

Account History

Our software syncs all history regarding invoices, credit memos, estimates, and sales orders. Open invoices will be tracked right away. 

Sales Reps

Values defined for sales reps will determine the interface and access each has when using our software for sales orders. 

Price Lists 

If your reps were using unique price lists for their customer lists, we sync that as well, so there won’t be any adjustments or changes to routines. 


Along with other customer information, their locations will be fed directly into the field sales app to assist in sales route optimization.

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QuickBooks® Online Integration For Reps In The Field

Learn how to utilize data directly from QuickBooks® Online and enable a stronger sales process for your sales reps in the field. Control and segment data on a granular level for customers, products, pricing, and even reps.

mobile invoicing SAP B1

Mobile Invoicing W/ Printing

Create mobile invoices that can be printed on a bluetooth printer (Bixolon or Zebra) or emailed as a PDF. Use customer info to automatically create a custom template in seconds. Collect digital signatures at any point during contact.

mobile order taking sap b1

Mobile Order Taking

Take mobile orders with a user-friendly product catalog that allows multiple pricing levels, barcode scanning, and tracking purchase history by product, brand, and location.

dsd route accounting sap b1

DSD Route Accounting

Optimize DSD routes to either maximize speed, or minimize driving costs. Boost transparency with real-time GPS tracking and proof of delivery.

mobile payment processing sap b1

Mobile Payment Processing

Accept payments electronically with credit cards, Stripe, or, and review previous payment history (including open or outstanding invoice balances). Receipts can be printed or shared.

QuickBooks® Online Integration For Admins

In the admin portal, sales leaders can use refined segments and assignments to fine tune field sales remotely.

route management

Route Management

Assign optimized routes on a calendar to reps according to whether you want one-way, round trip, or to avoid highways and toll roads.

Product Lists 1

Update Inventory W/ Controls

Upload inventory lists from Excel, or from ERP sync. Products can then be assigned to customer lists, or specific customers. Enter barcode numbers for quick scanning.

Pricing Rules Promotion

Set Pricing Rules & Promotions

Incentivize purchases with pricing rules and promotions depending on volume, cost, etc.

Integration Sync 1

Easy Integration Sync

The integration for SAP B1 is kept as simple as possible, while carrying over all essential data to empower transactions.

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Connect To QuickBooks® Online

After selecting QuickBooks® Online, the option ‘Connect To QuickBooks’ will appear. 

Clicking this will take you to where you can sign into your Intuit account. Once signed in, simply save the settings and let the data fully sync to access your information with inSitu software at any time 

From here, changes you make on your Intuit account will be detected and synced on your inSitu software and admin portal.

Walkthrough Guide