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Fishbowl Integration For QuickBooks® Orders

Fishbowl integrates with QuickBooks® to offer a complete solution for managing inventory during every stage of order fulfillment for the wholesale distribution process. 

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How To Sync Sales With Fishbowl

No Coding Or Programming Needed!
Simply use your login info, make sure QuickBooks and Fishbowl are already synced, and enter your API. When a new sales order is created:

1. QuickBooks® sends inSitu inventory info

2. inSitu sends Fishbowl the sales order entry

3. Fishbowl sends order fulfillment requests to QuickBooks®

4. QuickBooks® sends inSitu the invoice where you can create a custom template or modify details

5. inSitu uses your custom invoice to collect payment and sends the records back to QuickBooks®. 

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Inventory accessible and tracked in real-time with updates. Scan barcodes to cycle count inventory between warehouses and orders. 


Fishbowl focuses on sales order entry fulfillment, using automation to fill in for discounts, updated inventory amounts, various product specifications, and even warehouse adjustments.


Advanced product options allow for ‘kitting,’ and ‘batch picking/shipping,’ grouping multiple items as a single unit at the convenience of buyers and distributors. 


Where Quickbooks would see one warehouse, Fishbowl allows for multiple. Create warehouses each with separate updated inventory reports and, either manually or automatically, assign or transfer items freely between your network to complete orders. 

Let Us Show You How Fishbowl Enhances QuickBooks®

Order Fulfillment Features

Learn about just some of the ways Fishbowl can add to your sales order process. Increase customer satisfaction, optimize order fulfillment and personalization for buyers, and give your reps the last push they need to scale your sales pipeline. 

Inventory Kitting For Custom Units

While not normally supported by QuickBooks®, Fishbowl allows for ‘kitting,’ where individual items can be combined in a bundle and shipped as a single unit for sales orders. This saves time and money for everyone while moving inventory even faster. 

Updated Inventory & Warehouse On Hand

With Fishbowl your reps never need to guess how much inventory is at a warehouse, or with a rep during orders. Track multiple warehouses with clear reporting, and transfer inventories as needed. Automatically prevent delays and backorders.

Takes Mobile Sales Orders Anywhere

Give your sales reps the freedom to take mobile orders digitally through Fishbowl’s order fulfillment. The manual data for sales orders are handled automatically through your integration, while only showing reps what’s necessary to drive further sales. 

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Integrate With QuickBooks® And Fishbowl 

We make it easy to run our apps and software through both QuickBooks® and Fishbowl together to complete sales orders. With an automated sales flow, reps only need to stay on top of tracking payments and mobile invoicing collection.  

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