Key Features: B2B eCommerce Portal

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Key Features: B2B eCommerce Portal

The inSitu Sales B2B eCommerce portal has proven to be a key component for the survival of many DSD and wholesale businesses during the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. However, this feature has proven to be not only the tool needed for the current situation but simply the new way to do business moving forward.  Our eCommerce platform’s goal is to designed to empower customers while also giving companies a better image by providing the latest technology in web design.

These are some of the features every business has access to with our B2B eCommerce platform:


This section is the core of the inSitu Sales B2B eCommerce platform, the product catalog, and the store. This page is designed to make it as simple and as intuitive as possible for customers to browse and buy the products they need.  The store allows customers to use a search function or filter out products by using the filters available. These filters include things such as category, brand, size, and groups.

Easy B2B category management with InSitu

Products are organized professionally, displaying product pictures and details. New customers are able to browse the product catalog, but are not shown any pricing. Merchants can set per-customer price lists, so every visitor has access to their unique relationship pricing. Current customers can browse this section for the products they need. The experience is designed to be intuitive and straightforward for every type of user. With options such as saving favorite items, the inSitu Sales B2B eCommerce portal makes it easy to win repeat business in just a few clicks.

Account History

Our platform provides customers a history of their purchases. Visibility into future shipments and order history empowers buyers and builds trust. Options like these can help with retention as customers may be more likely to keep buying from distributors that provide these additional options.

Business account data is easy to view and manage

The account history section includes a list of all orders made by a customer conveniently separated by transaction types such as invoices, orders, and estimates. The table on this screen shows the date, the transaction number, total, and balance. From this section of the B2B portal, customers can also generate and download PDF copies of the transactions for their own records by clicking the yellow VIEW button.

Online Payments

In addition to customer accounts and history, we offer integrated payments with select payment processors. No need to wait for a check in the mail or send someone over to the customer just to collect a payment. By setting up a payment processor* account, you can let customers pay their existing invoices online whenever they want, further empowering them, increasing satisfaction and retention, and improving cash flow.

Integrated e-commerce portal makes checkout a breeze!

Once your payment processor* account is connected, customers will be able to simply click on the Account & History section, to access the open balance on their invoices. Customers can trust that their credit card information will be processed quickly and securely, as we’ve chosen these payment processors for their robust security and flexibility features.

Every wholesale and distribution business should consider ways to survive and thrive in the evolving economy. A platform like inSitu Sales provides all the tools needed to keep up with the competition and field the growing expectations from customers. Intuitive, simple yet powerful platforms, like our B2B eCommerce portal, help your business stay on top of the game.

Get started with InSitu here! If you have more specific questions, you can book a time to speak with our team here.

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*Stripe,, or PayU. Please note that PayU is only available in Latin America.

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