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Supercharge Your Field Sales Team

inSitu Sales + SAP B1 makes field sales management easy. Our software integrates directly with SAP, so your sales orders and inventory stay updated. Reduce tedious back office reconciliation work while empowering your outside sales reps with live data. 

We charge a one-time payment of $500 for initial setup which covers assistance and support. 


Simple To Set Up.
Powerful Sales Results.

inSitu Sales securely links with your SAP Business One implementation, and syncs your data in real-time. One solution powers your catalog order taking, B2B eCommerce storefront, field sales operation, and more. Eliminate order processing issues and ensure compliance with sales standards automatically, all in one place.

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Launch Quickly. Get Results Fast.

We generate a config file for you, so after a quick setup process you’re ready to go. Your data will connect to all our platform apps – including the mobile app for field sales reps and B2B e-commerce portal. Track and manage everything all from one place, with powerful sales customization capabilities.


inSitu Sales makes field sales rep management easy. Your reps see only what you want them to see and nothing more. Prices, catalogs, specific items, customers, and more can be permissioned so everyone stays on task.


The connector file stays on your system, so inSitu Sales never has direct access to your data.


Ensure your reps are actually visiting your clients, and get detailed location data for compliance and audit records. 


inSitu Sales + SAP Business One

Discover all the benefits of our simple field sales solution.

Empower Your Sales Team
Unified Brand Presence
Reduce Order-Taking Costs
Native iOS Android Apps
Quick Setup
Direct Integration
Field Sales Activity Tracking
Granular Access Controls
Automatic Data Sync

Deploy Fast. Start Selling Today.

Setup takes just minutes, so you can deploy and start superpowering your field sales quickly.


Get A 14 Day Trial

No credit card required, no strings attached. Take two weeks to determine if inSitu Sales is right for your business. Our support team is here to help with any questions.



Connect SAP

Download a config file and install in on your SAP Business One server. Once your initial data sync is complete, you’re ready to go.


Download Our App

inSitu Sales’ mobile app is the key to empowering your field sales team. It’s already available on the App Store and Google Play, so deployment takes just moments. Want something more custom? Speak to us about a whitelabeled app.


Start Selling

That’s it! Your field sales team is ready to start selling faster, and your fully integrated B2B eCommerce online storefront is ready to launch.


Outside Sales Management
Done For You

No more calling field sales reps to see where they’re at, or having to deal with a crunch of invoices at the end of the day. inSitu Sales integrates natively with iOS and Android devices, so you can manage field sales rep tracking from one easy-to-use dashboard. Estimates, invoices, orders, and inventory sync throughout the day, and your team can take payments in the field so you have cash flowing into your business even before the sales cycle is complete.

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New! Price Rules Makes Sales Promotions Easy

Price Rules is a powerful feature that enables complete customization over your sales promotions in the field. inSitu Sales calculates %-based discounts, BOGOs, volume-based discounts and more automatically. Your field sales team can focus on closing the sale, knowing they’ll be selling to the right customer at the right price every time.

Powerful Query Customization

inSitu Sales comes with pre-written SQL to get your data imported quickly – but you can customize as much as you want!

Our SAP B1 integration dashboard makes it easy to manage your queries and connection status. Easy to set up, but ready to handle anything your power users and database admins need.


Looking for another integration?

Our mobile SAP DSD solution isn’t all we offer. inSitu Sales also natively supports QuickBooks and Xero. Learn more about our suite of integrations!