Syncs With QuickBooks, SAP B1, Fishbowl, Epicor, And Xero

Order Entry Software For Distributors

The most common errors in distribution occur during the manual order entry process. Human error occurs regardless of experience, and the odds of it are amplified for every stage of completing a sales order that isn’t synced.
Ignoring the risk of errors, copying information is time consuming and impacts overall ROI, while also not adding any unique value.

This is why our solution focuses on integrations to record the amount, access customer info, update live inventory, prepare a branded printable invoice, and most importantly, collect order data for sales enablement analytics.

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Improve Speed And Efficiency On Orders

Our order entry system was designed to minimize input on your side through integrations, while guaranteeing your reps are equipped to improve their sales flow. 

Offers ERP Integration Sync

New orders are checked by our order management system, and uploaded to your ERP integration once confirmed for accuracy. The information will always match, and the primary customer information will be drawn directly from your accounting records. 

ERP Integrations For QuickBooks®, Xero, SAP

Real-Time Inventory Updates

Eliminate the lengthy and repetitive manual data entry required in warehouse management for inventory. Using real-time sync for warehouse inventrory, your sales reps will always be able to confirm availability and directly submit orders.

Lock In Orders Faster Than Ever

Receive orders and have them instantly updated, sent to your sales rep, and with a branded, printable invoice prepared. Faster order entry and confirmation means a lower customer bounce rate, and improved confidence in the sale. Lock in orders and create repeat customers.

Record Customer Insights For Sales Enablement

Sales reps are able to access any data regarding previous purchase history and sales routes. Study trends in purchasing and pricing for different industries, and understand your market. For their next order you can set up reorder points, or tailor their product list. Give your reps the information to maximize their upsells, and build detailed profiles on their buyers. 

b2b ecommerce order management
Automated Order Management Using Self-Service B2B eCommerce

B2B eCommerce For Optimal Order Management 

eCommerce has evolved into an essential part of B2B sales, and is vital for the majority of buyers both domestic and overseas. For just $199.99/mo, your sales reps will be able to streamline their online sales and reach a wider network of interested buyers. As a fully self-serve B2B eCom9merce portal, our order entry software allows for any number of customers to purchase without the assistance of a dedicated rep.

Allow 24/7 Access To Self-Service Customer Orders

Customers can independently submit orders at any time of day or night, resulting in orders filled out with necessary info according to your template, and awaiting admin approval.  

Digital Product Catalogs & Flyers

Create visually impressive digital product catalogs that can compete with major B2C platforms. Also, design your own flyers for special offer promotions or seasonal discounts.

Custom User Segment Lists And Category Filters

Individualize shopping experiences by assigning customer lists, product lists, and price lists that guarantee a unique interface designed to incentivize faster, and larger transactions.

Optional Whitelabel App

For an additional $100/mo, receive your own whitelabel eCommerce app linked with your B2B eCommerce portal, and branded for your company. Your app will be listed on the App Store and Google Play, available for download by your customers.