Route planning and optimization

One-way / roundtrip

Bulk geolocation of customers and sales / delivery route planning. Optimize up to 100 stops in a route.

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The Admin Site For Field Sales Management

InSitu Sales makes it simple to work with your outside sales representatives. As a manager, you have access to our admin site, with full control over all the field sales app users in your company.

With realtime tracking and route accounting, you’re always going to be updated on where your reps are, how sales are progressing, and how much inventory is exchanged throughout the day. Our admin site for the app guarantees a more time efficient, and simplified approach to managing. 

Tailor the app to your team by deciding which reps have access to certain information and products. Use our route optimizer to further custom fit productivity and the range your team can cover. 

Our intuitive field sales management software connects to QuickBooks®, SAP B1, and Xero, so you can integrate with your existing data and launch quickly. Discover everything the top-rated field sales app has to offer!

Features The Admin Site Controls

Access to information is key. Granular controls let you customize what each user can see, keeping team direction linear and efficient.


Limit access to products for each sales rep as well as their ability to collect payments, make invoices, place orders or create estimates.


Not all customers purchase all your categories. Limiting what can be sold to each customer will help your reps focus on making the sales you want.


Control what can be updated in the field. A popular update rule: Restrict invoice modifications 5 mins after being created.


Change the admin site color palette to reflect your company image. Add logos, custom invoice templates and product images.


Each sales rep gets a dashboard that makes it simple to see who they’ve already visited and who they still need to work on. Sales territory management software made easy!


Changes sync across the entire inSitu Sales platform, so orders your reps take automatically adjust your B2B eCommerce portal. Take sales anywhere and be confident in your inventory.


Create your own PDF. Print out templates for email or mobile printers.

Customize your PDF invoices. Our software lets you brand your invoice, in addition to the email specifics. Mobile printers like Zebra or Bixolon are also supported. Simple but powerful – use our standard template, or customize your own in the admin dashboard.

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Real-time reports Export options

Optimize your outside sales team. Our standard reporting suite offers visibility into your sales data and performance in the field. Need even more power? Enhanced Analytics provides custom reporting, pivot tables, and more.

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GPS Tracking

Real-time location of customers, drivers and sales reps in a map. Pinpoint where your field sales invoices are being created.

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Get access to real-time field sales rep tracking. InSitu Sales brings visibility into the minute-by-minute changes in the field, so you can optimize your field sales operations sooner.

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Use it in stand-alone mode or connected

Whether you want to use it by itself or connected with QuickBooks®, SAP or Xero.

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View/edit transactions

Easily browse your informationk, download it in PDF and edit it online

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Product images

Upload product images and set price lists to your customers and products.

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Manage inventory

Update your quantity-on-hand or make inventory transfers between your warehouses.