Case Study: American Lube Supply

Case Study: American Lube Supply

Our mobile app and e-commerce platform have American Lube Supply running like a well oiled machine.

Company Overview:

South Texas based American Lube Supply Company sells high quality motor oil, additives and lubricants. Wholesale customers include automotive centers across the country and through their local retail stores, Minit Man, direct to consumers. Their main goal is to develop strong relations with their customers by offering a range of superior products and a high quality customer experience. They use both the mobile application for field sales reps and the e-commerce customer portal in the retail stores.


American Lube Supply needed to be able to provide sales reps a mobile tool to capture customer signatures at the time of delivery, a requirement for some customers. They also needed a platform that integrates well with QuickBooks and can streamline marketing campaign efforts.


 Mobile App

With Insitu Sales’ mobile invoicing capabilities, sales reps are able to create and process a sales order or an invoice, accept a credit card payment, capture the customer’s signature and email it to them immediately. The acknowledgement of the order in the form of a PDF that can be edited as needed has been very valuable. Comptroller Marc Arias notes, “Their billing department is notified in a timely manner so we can get paid in a timely manner.”

The sales routing feature has helped the execution and effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Data can be pulled from Quickbooks, enabling them to efficiently target and categorize potential customers, develop pricing plans and create a route before sales reps make their visits. Arias continues “ A lot of the home work and decision making has already taken place on the back end… What sales person wouldn’t want that?” They know these businesses are pre-qualified and can have a more meaningful engagement with a prospect and acquire them as a customer faster and more efficiently. Arias states ”[Insitu Sales] expands our ability to be more efficient without the added expense of hiring an IT [team].”

Shopping Cart Take Away

  • Best Quickbooks integration
  • Acknowledgement of orders in real time
  • Flexibility to revise and email orders, invoices and forms
  • Increased efficiency with sales route planning and tracking
  • Decrease in sales order processing time
  • Eliminates double entry errors

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