Case Study: Car Key Masters

Case Study: Car Key Masters


Car Key Masters is a Houston, Texas based company that offers vehicle key replacement and duplication services. They provide car dealerships with second/backup sets of automobile keys for certified vehicles and secure, affordable roadside service for the general public who need entry into their vehicles after their keys have been lost, stolen or locked inside.


  • Needed a cost-effective software solution that could sync perfectly with Quickbooks
  • Difficulty controlling inventory for multi-state locations and a field-based technical team
  • Cumbersome and time consuming to provide customers with invoices and collect payment on the spot
  • Challenge to monitor daily transactions conducted in the field


Easy Quickbooks sync

Proprietor William Hernandez was looking for reliable cloud software designed to sync very well with Quickbooks. He tested several online billing systems but they failed to meet all of his business’ needs. It was imperative that he be able to control inventory and manage staff working in the La Puente area from his base in Houston. None of the services he tested functioned as well as the inSitu Sales applications. “It is working very good for us and we’re saving a lot of money. Quickbooks and inSitu Sales will sync automatically so we can control inventory, sales, everything from there.”

Reliable, flexible mobile access to data & sales functions

Car Key Masters needed a flexible mobile app for its technicians who are able to make routed appointment visits that have been assigned in advanced or for those technicians working on call/accepting appointments throughout the day. The inSitu Sales app provides the most convenient travel route to a customer, create a sales order or invoice, gets it approved, processes payments and emails the customer a receipt in minutes.

With online payment processing, they have been able to organize the invoices, receive payments faster, avoid and clear mistakes.

Faster workflow process

Hernandez’s main goal was to find a wireless solution that made his technicians’ service a lot easier. In the past Car Key Masters technicians needed a van, a printer, laptop computer, and hotspot to process an invoice in the field. “Before, it took longer to take the payment than do the job so now we do the job fast and take payment fast and customers are very satisfied,” he reported. It used to take his team 20 minutes just to access the internet and log into the system. If there were any technical issues, another 30 minutes could be wasted with the technician seeking assistance over the phone with home office. Now, with the inSitu Sales app all his employees need is a cell phone, two minutes to create the invoice and a few seconds to email, text or print it out. He is also happy about saving so much money on paper and ink.

Improve customer engagement experience

Before discovering the inSitu mobile solutions, they were having problems with accuracy of data and spending too much time correcting errors and reconciling information. Now that management is able to monitor daily transactions better, costly mistakes are alleviated and customer engagement has improved. Hernandez comments, “Relationships get better of course because the less problems they have, the better for us. They already have a lot of work and they don’t want to deal with our work.”

Increase revenue

Hernandez loves how easy and fast it is to create, submit and receive payments for invoices. As a result, his technicians are able to maximize the number of appointments they can schedule, which generates more revenue. He explains, ”The faster you finish doing an invoice, [the faster] you can move on and make more money because you can do more work in a day.”

Shopping Cart Takeaway

  • Seamless sync with Quickbooks
  • Easier, faster and more efficient work flow leads to more business generated
  • Improved oversight of field sales operations

Car Key Masters


Houston, TX Location
Phone: 888-539-2351,  713-589-4516
La Puente, CA Location
Phone: 626-474-1517


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