Top 4 DSD Tool Accessories For Field Sales Teams

Top 4 DSD Tool Accessories For Field Sales Teams

We’re well into the 21st century but unfortunately some operators in the large format retail and pharmacy business haven’t gotten the electronic memo. The direct to store delivery (DSD) business and the transmission of sales data, direct data exchange (DEX) have evolved from error riddled paper based systems to unreliable wired systems and finally to wireless systems thanks to bluetooth-enabled technology. It is now easier, faster, more efficient and profitable to deliver and process short shelf life consumables, which account for 52% of retail grocery channel profits and 70% of grocery food product categories. inSitu Sales mobile apps empower drivers/deliverers, salesmen and managers to conduct business functions such as inventory management, route planning, processing sales orders, mobile invoicing and accepting payments wirelessly in real time. Our app is just the beginning. Invest in the following tools to increase productivity, efficiency, and revenue. Reduce stress, out of stocks, costly mistakes, and shelf spoilage. All of these accessories are compatible with the inSitu Sales platforms.

1.  DEX Cable

The L2 DEX cable by Redpark connects an iOS device (iPad/iPhone) to a grocer or pharmacy’s computer system for DSD. i.e. Publix.

2. Mobile printers

Do your customers require hard copies of invoices for proof of delivery and/or payment? No problem! Mobile printers that connect to a mobile device enable users to print invoices, receipts, inventory lists, and other documents pertaining to inventory and fleet management, DSD and more in real time. Our Android and iOS app supports models manufactured by Zebra, Bixolon, Epson, HP or any Apple AirPrint® enabled printer.

3. Barcode scanners

Bluetooth barcode scanners make capturing data fast and virtually error proof. They are ideal for inventory management and payment processing. Try models by Socket Mobile or Linea Pro’s iOS case with a built-in barcode scanner.

4. Debit/Credit card readers

Accept payments at point-of-sale, in a sales meeting, on a trade show floor or the back of a delivery truck with these swipe card readers by Magtek – iDynamo or uDynamo for Android and iOS.


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