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Top 4 DSD Tool Accessories For Field Sales Teams

We’re well into the 21st century but unfortunately some operators in the large format retail and pharmacy business haven’t gotten the electronic memo. The direct to store delivery (DSD) business and the transmission of sales data, direct data exchange (DEX) have evolved from error riddled paper based systems to unreliable wired systems and finally to …

{:en}Increase efficiency by using field sales software for epayments and invoicing{:}{:es}Incrementa las ventas con pagos móviles y facturación online{:}

{:en}The cost of using paper-based systems to accept payments and send invoices may still work for some companies, but it’s costing them a lot of money.{:}{:es}El costos de usar sistemas basados en papel y enviar facturas aun puede que sirva aun, pero cuesta mas dinero en tiempo y reprocesamiento que invertir en tecnologia. {:}

The 7 reasons to move to mobile invoicing

Invoicing an area that can often be a headache for many companies across multiple industries. The procedure of generating, sending and tracking invoices can be incredibly strenuous and resource intensive. But it doesn’t have to be. With today’s technology, electronic invoicing through sales management applications can streamline the entire process. Here are seven reasons why …