Top Reasons to Adopt Mobile Payment Processing

Top Reasons to Adopt Mobile Payment Processing

Are you a small or midsize (SMBs) business that has grown accustomed to late payments from customers? Have invoices gotten “lost in the mail” or collected dust on a customer’s desk? Have your emailed invoices gone unanswered? Delayed payments can have a serious impact on your bottom line as expenses such as payroll, utilities and supplies pile up week after week. Streamlining your invoice processing with a mobile app such as ours, can improve your cash flow and sales cycle.

Get Funds Faster

When running a small business, simplifying the sales cycle and decreasing the invoice processing time is crucial for operational management. The faster your company can retrieve funds for products sold or services rendered, the quicker those funds can be used to keep your business running smoothly. Our all-in-one mobile app allows your field salespersons to show, review and accept payments for invoices on the spot. No need to wait for checks in the mail ever again.

Eliminate Paper

Abandon your firm’s dependence on a physical paper trail that clutters your office and slows down the sharing of information among your cross-functional team members. Our mobile app allows your sales professionals to securely capture signatures, process payments and email receipts to customers in real time without the need to shuffle papers.

More Secure than Collecting Cash on Site

Keep your drivers and field sales team members safe by eliminating the need to retrieve cash payments from customers. Our secure online payment system protects your employees from theft and safely transfers your funds to the right place. Insitu Sales’ mobile tool works seamlessly with Quickbooks, among other software your business likely already uses.

Receive and Share Information in Real Time

No longer will your business have to wait hours or days for your delivery drivers or sales reps to return to the office with payments or new sales orders to be submitted and processed. With our mobile tools, they can vastly improve sales performance with access to real time inventory data in order to create new orders and quotations and process payments in the field, at a trade show or even offline. Works with IPads, IPhones, Android phones and tablets. Try it for FREE, today.


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