How GPS Tracking Increases Profits, Customer Satisfaction and Productivity

How GPS Tracking Increases Profits, Customer Satisfaction and Productivity

GPS tracking, such as the feature in our platform, helps manage and monitor field staff as they move from customer to customer throughout their day. As the saying goes, “time is money.” Your firm is either making it or losing it. Planning routes and monitoring staff in real time can minimize operational costs, increase confidence in your customers which can lead to larger, more frequent orders, and improve your team’s productivity. Here are the most important reasons to adopt a GPS tracking tool as part of your company’s field service management.

Improve Workflow

Your executive team will feel more confident about operational activities because they can stay connected to your field staff anytime and anywhere. Armed with real time data, they have the opportunity to plan the most efficient routes, reassign accounts or projects as needed, predict issues before they arise and improve communications with their staff. Our platform integrates with Quickbooks, Excel and SAP – software your business is most likely already using, to get a complete overview of what’s going on in real time.

Improve Field Staff Focus & Productivity

Employees seek guidance, advice and tools to make their jobs easier and more efficient which in turn improves their job satisfaction. Happy employees are more loyal, engaged and productive. Convey to them that the GPS tracking is not to spy on them but to monitor their activity in order to help them manage their time better, improve their productivity, focus, confidence and skills. According to a survey conducted by, once field service businesses implement GPS tracking, 95% of respondents reported an increase in punctuality to jobs and 67% of customers reported that they will not rehire a company if their mobile workers are up to one hour late. Our app allows managers to plan routes to ensure field representatives can make deliveries and appointments on time, which makes customers happy.

Decrease Costs

Every unnecessary dollar spent decreases your company’s profits. Proper route management with a fleet tracking system avoids costly overtime, reduces vehicle maintenance costs, and encourages efficient fuel usage. It may even reduce insurance costs because many insurance companies offer discounts for vehicles equipped with GPS tracking. Per the same survey, 89% of field service companies reported a reduction in fuel costs after adopting GPS vehicle tracking.

Increase Profits

With additional resources generated from a reduction of expenses, those funds can be used in other areas to improve your business. A more efficient workflow, engaged and productive mobile team and satisfied customers lead to an increase in long term revenue growth. In fact, a staggering 95% of field sales business owners reported an increase in completed orders after beginning to use a fleet tracking system.

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