Top 3 tips for successful remote management

Top 3 tips for successful remote management

Over the last decade working from the field has become more and more popular. Remote management, however, comes with it’s own quirks and qualities, and the skills of an on-site leader do not always translate well in a business that is spread out on the field. Here are a few tips to becoming a successful remote leader.

Learn to reach out: While working from the field gets you out of the office environment and can lead to lower stress, it can also cause loneliness. The isolation of field work can quickly become detrimental to team health. Managers should take steps to reach out to every employee consistently. Workers should be encouraged to call supervisors, colleagues and even the manager, to discuss projects or problems. When employees know managers are available and that issues will be addressed things are more likely to run smoothly.

Set clear goals: With the right tools remote teams can be much more productive than office workers. However it becomes easy to lose sight of goals in an unregulated environment. Managers should make sure not to lose focus or spend too much time on one project or the other. Outline clear plans of action and set measurable expectations for employees to avoid falling behind.

Foster a sense of community: Despite working from separate places a sense of community is paramount to effective collaboration. Offers easy ways for field workers to connect with one another, and to keep in touch with leadership. Field service software not only offers a simple solution for remote business management, it can also make connecting with team members a snap. Pick a software that allows multiple users and provide access to each employee.

For managers remote work can help build a diverse team of employees, foster creativity and spontaneity, and encourage a fun culture. At the same time it’s important to change management techniques to fit the requirements of working in the field.

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