The Advantages of Digital Product Catalogs

The Advantages of Digital Product Catalogs

There are many ways to modernize your business’s operations but few are more important than transitioning your printed catalog to a digital one. Digital catalogs  are an important product marketing and sales tool that enables consumers to view product offerings quickly, easily, and inexpensively in-person and online at anytime. As a manufacturer or distributor, it enables your team the flexibility to target customers, customize product information, and analyze sales data. Below are some of the reasons to make the switch to our B2B eCommerce software today!

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Let your brand shine

What can be communicated with a digital catalog? Well, everything a printed one does but better. Tell your brand story, include a video that demonstrates the product attributes and describes the product’s point of difference. List pertinent information such as product ingredients/components, variants of size, color, flavor, and of course product visuals. Showcasing your brand and its products in a visually appealing and informative manner is key to presenting your brand favorably to consumers.

Visuals influence purchasing decisions

High quality product visual assets guide customers in real time through your product offerings to purchase items that are right for their business. Images along with product details eliminates confusion about product attributes, which puts your sales team in a positive light. Purchasing decisions can be made quickly and efficiently, often on the spot in a sales meeting or following a delivery.

Save money, time and trees!

Printing catalogs is insanely expensive and inefficient. Updates are always necessary and sometimes, an update is needed shortly after the catalogs get shipped to you from the printer! Distributing updated information can be costly and time consuming, particularly for companies experiencing high growth or have very large multistate field sales teams. Also, producing printed catalogs is not a sustainable way to conduct business and there is a lot of consumer behavior research to support the fact that end users particularly prefer supporting and doing business with companies that demonstrate sustainability as much as possible. Besides, your sales reps would prefer to carry a smartphone or tablet than a bulky, heavy product catalog that may or may not even include up to date information.

Streamline sales process

Products like our ecommerce portal and mobile app enable your field sales team to display accurate product information in-person and online. An order placed with a paper catalog still needs to be processed somehow. Make it easier for your team! Digital catalogs can be customized by customer so that they see only the data you want them to see and nothing you do not. Product searches, sales history, and other account specific information can be found in seconds with a few clicks on an Ipad. No more flipping clumsily through a 200 page catalog! Our mobile sales management tools also permit a salesperson to add notes, take the order and even receive payment on the spot.

Improve trade show experience

Trade shows are key to expanding brand visibility and increasing distribution of your consumer products. With a digital catalog available on a tablet or laptop, your sales force will no longer need to pack, ship, and display every item you offer. This is costly and time consuming as well. Display new products and top sellers at the show and share the entire product catalog electronically in-person or email it to them to view at their leisure. Besides, distributors do not want to walk around a trade show floor lugging your paper catalog around!

Eliminate mass mailing of gift guides

Unsolicited mailed catalogs often go from the mail box straight to the recycling bin. They are a huge investment for companies and the ROI is minimal. Digital catalogs not only allow your business to get your gift offerings in front of thousands of people for a fraction of the cost, it is easier to track sales and capture consumer data.

Optimize digital marketing efforts

Incorporate gift guides for the holiday season and other peak selling times for your industry into an email marketing campaign. Support the campaign by linking to a digital gift guide through your social media channels or online ads.

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