The 7 reasons to move to mobile invoicing

The 7 reasons to move to mobile invoicing

Invoicing an area that can often be a headache for many companies across multiple industries. The procedure of generating, sending and tracking invoices can be incredibly strenuous and resource intensive. But it doesn’t have to be.

With today’s technology, electronic invoicing through sales management applications can streamline the entire process. Here are seven reasons why your company should movie to mobile invoicing:

Centralized information

Never worry about having to track down customer information again. Mobile technology can allow you to input customer information right away and allows users to access that information quickly and from anywhere.

Instant billing

The moment a field representative finishes with a client, an invoice can be generated and sent all through mobile business applications. No more waiting to get back to the office or for the post office to deliver the physical copy.


The programs are often easy to integrate with accounting software, allowing better recording of important financial information.

Signatures and receipts

Mobile business applications offer ways to better manage client relations by immediately being able to capture customer consent through electronic signatures and generating receipts that are sent out instantaneously.


The days of office space being entirely devoted to filings cabinets is over. All customer information, including visit notes, estimates and invoices can be stored electronically, making it easier to store records and access them for research at a later date.


If a customer’s bill is coming due, reminders can be setup to help encourage payment. In addition, information on outstanding receivables can be accessed anywhere.


Stamps are expensive, as are letter paper and envelopes. Sending out physical bills is a huge time and money sink. With mobile invoicing, bills are sent immediately at no additional cost to your company.

Electronic invoicing through mobile business applications can help save your company time and money so you can stop worrying about invoicing and focus on growing other aspects of your business.