Case Study: Dockspace

Case Study: Dockspace


Dockspace is a Chicago-based boutique service provider of premium coffee, beverages, and breakroom snacks for offices. They bring the cafe experience to software companies, ad agencies, financial institutions and any other type of business that appreciates high quality kombucha, nitro cold brew coffee, refreshing sparkling water, and healthy, premium treats. I spoke with Founder David Villamil about his business and how the inSitu platform has helped him improve customer service, save time and resources and manage his inventory and deliveries with ease and efficiency.  



  • Needed to be able to transform a sales order to an invoice on the go
  • Inventory management tools tested were expensive, inflexible
  • Required a tool to customize product offerings by customer that was easy to navigate and update frequently


Flexibility of product catalogs

Dockspace provides not only a variety of high end beverages and snacks but sources modern automatic espresso machines, large capacity nitro cold brewers, kegerators and sparkling water machines to install in his customers’ breakrooms for an authentic coffee shop experience. David explained that what makes his service unique is that they rotate their coffee and snack varieties often to customize each customers’ menu. To keep up with demand and keep track of inventory, the digital catalog has become essential to managing his day-to-day transactions. David mentioned that when he is meeting with a new or prospective customer, he is able to show them the entire product catalog online with images and add new items as they become interested in them.

Convenience of mobile invoicing

Dockspace was looking for a mobile platform that could allow them to take a sales order and transition it into an invoice for approval and payment outside the office. David says, “ I tried a lot of demos. But, inSitu Sales’ app blew away all the competition. There’s lots of features I don’t need yet but will as I scale. There’s so much flexibility. Making revisions is easy and customer service is very responsive.”

Enhanced customer engagement experience

Dockspace aims to provide a hassle and worry-free experience for their clients who range from large corporations to lean start-ups. The inSitu Sales app’s inventory management capabilities enable him to arrange and sustain a delicious well stocked rotating variety of beverages and foods completely effortless on the part of his customers. The founder comments ”Customers feel like they can trust and rely on me. [We’re] not buying extra product and don’t have to carry as much. [This] helps control costs and helps them not to waste at all.” He also believes that his company’s efficiency will translate into referrals and ultimately increase his business significantly over time.

Reduction in service costs

Dockspace is able to save resources on over ordering and is looking forward to steadily increasing the items in his product catalog to better serve his clients. David also mentioned that the territory routing tool has been very useful in saving him time and resources when making deliveries. “You can efficiently map out a day’s worth of work for a sales person but not blindly run around. I can also monitor where my deliverers are.”

Shopping cart takeaway

Functionality, flexibility, product catalog with images, mobile invoicing, integration with QuickBooks is seamless, reliability, excellent customer service

What’s new and next for Dockspace?

  • New tea taps
  • New snack box option will be available in which customers don’t have to commit to buying cases of each item to increase ordering flexibility
  • The development of a new app for improved customer engagement experience

Chicago, IL



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