The importance of GPS data collection for field sales

The importance of GPS data collection for field sales

Getting the best out of your team means ensuring that everyone is held accountable for their work — or lack of work. With field sales teams this can be tough. Sales representatives are geographically dispersed, have different territories, visit different clients and don’t necessarily share a routine. So how do you keep track of your entire team without actively following them around their routes and ensuring they visit all their customers?

The answer is by using field service management software. Field service software can simply and effectively increase accountability by allowing managers to track sales representatives in real time. inSitu Sales, for example, maps a visualization of your employees’ and customers’ locations using GPS coordinates, without any interaction by the sales rep.

Not only does this foster accountability and communication within an organization, but GPS tracking also allows managers to recognize employees who consistently complete, or go above-and-beyond their responsibilities. In addition it reduces the burden on workers to track things like gas usage or punch-in and punch-out time, and instead focus on completing their duties.

While there are many benefits to this sort of tracking capability, some employees may feel that they are being micro-managed or over-scrutinized. For this reason it is important that field sales software, like any other tool, be used properly. Open conversations should precede any adoption of such software and the benefits of the transition should be understood by all employees.

Technology is constantly evolving and providing simple and efficient ways to complete difficult tasks. Field sales software has numerous uses, from employee accountability to easy mobile invoicing. Business that fail to adapt to this changing landscape will quickly find themselves falling behind the competition.


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