The Advantages of Mobile Payment Processing Technology

The Advantages of Mobile Payment Processing Technology

The ability to accept payments outside a brick and mortar provides a competitive advantage against other retailers, suppliers and wholesalers. Mobile payment processing technology offers a convenient, fast, safe and cost-effective POS system that improves customer experience and engagement. Below are a few key benefits to mobile payment acceptance.

Increase sales opportunities

Offering customers a way to make credit or debit card payments expands sales opportunities vs. cash-only transactions. It gives your business more operational flexibility when payments are accepted immediately rather than waiting for the time it takes to mail/email an invoice, the customer to process it and submit payments back. Your company can also expand into new markets and locations like trade shows, pop up shops, festivals and fairs, that otherwise may not have been possible.

Boost upselling opportunities

One-on-one in person sales transactions offer a great opportunity for high quality and informative customer engagement. With the inSitu Sales’ app, your sales team will have your company’s digital product catalog at her fingertips enabling her to quickly discuss and show additional products that customers may be interested in.

Two way security

With a mobile payment system, delivery truck drivers, remote technicians and salesmen no longer have to worry about the security risk of traveling with a lot of cash. Your field staff will be able to focus on their daily tasks without having safety concerns. Customers have peace of mind knowing that their sensitive credit card information entered through a payment gateway such as or Stripe either manually or by swiping a card in a card reader, is secure.

Low operational costs

With a mobile payment system like inSitu Sales’ mobile app, very little equipment is needed, keeping your operational costs low. Arm your field sales team with a smartphone or tablet loaded with our app, a credit card reader like models made by Magtek, a barcode scanner, mobile POS and a printer made by Lineo Pro. These mobile devices are easier and less expensive to maintain than antiquated hand held devices which require a lot of maintenance over time.


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