Software for Flexible Orders and Invoices

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Software for Flexible Orders and Invoices

Traditionally, when a salesperson is out in the field they only go to their predetermined customers. Why? One major reason is that showing a new customer your products at the right prices is very difficult if you don’t have a sales management app to do it. If you normally take orders with a pen and paper, you can’t go over your whole product catalog with a new prospective client. It would take too long and would be too inefficient. Taking orders with a pen and paper is fine if you always go to the same customers and don’t have any aspirations of branching out. As a business, however, evolution and expansion are your keys to survival in a competitive market.


The transparency that comes with sales invoicing software is fantastic for the customer. One big gripe I have with this modern world is all of the hidden fees and charges everywhere. Why can’t people just be more honest? With this sort of software, customers see exactly what they’re paying for along with the total price and all of the other sales terms. No funny business. Consumers really appreciate this transparency and are more likely to have a favorable opinion of you because of it. They don’t want to have to call or email the sales rep or the customer service department of your business to find out the exact sales terms. Transparency and reliability are especially important in the wholesale business because late/incorrect shipments are so common.

Digital Catalog

Having a digital product catalog with different price lists and shipping details makes it easy to get new customers on board. You can quickly go through your different categories of products with them and take their order within minutes. Not only is this extremely efficient, but you look much more professional when utilizing this sort of technology. Looking professional is important because as every salesperson knows, you’re selling success (as well as whatever it is you actually sell). Making the whole process this fast also gives the customer less time to get cold feet and back out of the sale. Having sales invoicing software allows you too quickly and efficiently print/email the invoice and receive payment on the spot.

Close The Sale!

being able to receive payment and send out the invoice on the spot gets into another important point. If you meet someone who is interested in buying your products, but you don’t have the software to make it happen right then and there, then you have to contact the prospective buyer again later about the sale. Contacting someone later to see if they’re still interested in your products is full of problems. Maybe they don’t want to buy any more. Maybe they already bought the products somewhere else, or maybe they gave you the wrong contact info or even flat out forgot about the conversation you had. There are a myriad of reasons that this sort of transaction will fail, so make the sale while you can! Sales is hard enough without having to continually follow up with prospects.

Yes, this sort of software costs money, but so do tons of indispensable things. In this day and age, there are certain things you just need depending on the industry you work in. Similarly to how we all have cell phones and no longer use land-lines, sales reps are all transitioning over to mobile field sales apps because you can no longer be competitive without them. If you want to improve your mobile field sales, trying out inSitu Sales for 14 days free is a no-brainer.

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