Shift away from traditional sales models

Shift away from traditional sales models

Today’s world is inundated with advertising and sales messages. It’s no wonder that consumers are becoming immune to traditional sales models. The information overload pushes potential customers to disconnect from tech, hang up on cold calls and tune out sellers altogether. Sales professionals are faced with finding new ways to stand out from the crowd and capture a sales target’s attention.

It is time for sales representatives to think about sales differently. The transactional approach, which focuses on acquiring orders, is outdated and savvy customers no longer respond to it. At the transactional level you might be getting a few orders, but you aren’t building any value for yourself or for the service you provide — clients will be focused only on a single purchase, or a short-term relationship, not a long-term interaction. Using this model you will end up with a handful of sales and no bigger outcomes.

Modern-day salespeople should take a consultative approach to sales. Anthony Iannarino, President and Chief Sales officer for SOLUTIONS Staffing, states, “When your approach is strategic and consultative, instead of focusing on orders you focus on developing deep, trusted relationships. Instead of focusing on order acquisition, you focus on understanding your clients needs so deeply, and creating so much value around those strategic needs, that instead of acquiring orders, you acquire all of your client’s orders.”

Consultative sales works to provide prospects with educational content and information that helps them make buying choices. Your aim is to gain trust and establish authority.

Field sales is inherently consultative, taking business directly to the client. Face-to-face meetings are important in developing meaningful long-term relationships. Companies that use field service management software are able to provide clients with relevant information in real time.

Consider moving away from traditional sales models to improve outcomes and increase growth.

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