How Mobile Apps Increase Productivity In the Field

How Mobile Apps Increase Productivity In the Field

Increase your sales team’s productivity and watch revenue rise! 

1. Improve the customer engagement experience

When customers are able to make the most of their time with your sales representatives by making payments, reviewing inventory and pricing information, and learning about new products in real time, their experience is enhanced in a positive way. These sales functions save busy managers and business owners precious time and effort and improves their overall experience with your company.

2. Increase revenue

Sales increases usually come along with increased customer satisfaction. When customers are happy with the product and service they are receiving, they will reward you with more business – higher quantities, more frequent orders, and more items on the invoices.

3. Increase Agility and Efficiency

Empowering your sales team with a mobile field sales app that can streamline internal communication, sales data & analytics and permit them to plan their daily routes, the time saved will allow them to do what you’ve sent them out to do – sell! Eliminating the redundant paper trail so that they can keep track of tasks, contacts, and lead opportunities allows them to bypass manual entry and minimize double entry errors. By focusing on efficiency, they have more time to talk to prospects and customers about your goods and services which lead to increased revenue.

4. Keep them motivated

By providing the mobile sales tools necessary for success, they will be motivated to meet and exceed their sales goals. Sales managers can track rep progress with leads and customers, and offer best practices support so that they can focus on improving sales execution and drive revenue. Happy and engaged salespeople are 31% more productive and produce 37% higher sales.


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