Executives weigh in on importance of mobile applications for sales reps

Executives weigh in on importance of mobile applications for sales reps

It’s not easy being a sales rep. The days are long and hard. And they usually never seem to end. After being out in the field all day trying to make new connections, manage relationships and close deals, a rep has to enter all of his or her data into a customer relationship management (CRM) system. Many times, that data never gets properly entered. Try remembering what your scribbled onto a pad of paper at 9 a.m. when 5 p.m. rolls around. Your writing looks like code, that not even you can decipher.

Nilay Patel, a former salesperson and the cofounder and CEO of Selligy, a producer of sales tools reiterated these points about sales reps. “The life of a sales person is hard. They have relationships to manage, deals they’re tracking, bosses that want updates on deals, and end-of-quarter stress.”

Patel went onto say that time management is key for a sales rep because if he or she doesn’t enter their data into a CRM immediately, they may not remember it later.

“It’s hard to open your laptop in between meetings. If you don’t do it right after, you think you’re going to do it at night or over the weekend, then you don’t, and before long, you’re not entering anything at all.”

Robert DeSisto, vice president and analyst at Gartner, touts mobile field sales management software because it “allows [field] salespeople to interact with the system around the event you’d want them to interact with.” It gives them the information they need before, during and after the event or task they’ll be attending and participating in.

If you’re thinking of creating a mobile business application, talk to a third-party professional who can ensure it’s well equipped to serve your business needs.


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