Top Benefits of GPS Tracking Field Teams

Top Benefits of GPS Tracking Field Teams

GPS tracking field staff employees may seem to be more trouble to implement than it’s worth, but it can dramatically improve operational efficiencies, reduce wasteful spending and downtime and improve the customer experience. Field sales tracking software has the power to transform your business!

Optimize operations

Implementing a mobile tool like inSitu Sales onto your field staff’s devices will help managers plan their routes and manage their territories more efficiently. Being able to pre-plan routes will keep your Sales team’s daily plans organized so that they can focus on having the most productive engagement with as many customers and prospects in their territories as possible. Having the ability to geo-locate leads within the territory of existing customers can maximize sales efforts.

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For example, say a Sales rep is making the rounds in their territory and a manager back in the office has a promising conversation with a lead. That manager can contact the Sales rep right away, notifying her that he’s added a stop to that prospect onto the existing route in real time.

Reduce operational expenses

Utilizing a GPS tracking tool for your field team will not only enable management to monitor field activity for efficiency, but will also make route and territory adjustments available on the go and create the most productive territories. Additionally, your firm will save resources on fuel, insurance, overtime and fleet maintenance – freeing up that cash for reinvestment. Data obtained from analytics gathered by the mobile app can lead to even more time and resource savings.

Improve Safety

The inSitu Sales app enables office management to monitor routes for heavy traffic and dangerous road conditions which improves safety and prevents unnecessary delays and vehicle damage. In the event that an accident does occur, your firm can quickly locate and assist a staff member.

Strengthen customer relations

Stay ahead of your paper-based customers by investing in GPS tracking. Your delivery-people and salespeople will be able to maintain a predictable, reliable schedule that will deepen their relationship with clients. Superior route planning increases their chances of making deliveries and meetings on time which helps cement the impression that your business takes your clients’ time seriously. This builds trust and loyalty which eventually translate into increased sales.


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