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Introducing our brand new Enhanced Analytics page

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Introducing our brand new Enhanced Analytics page

Our new enhanced analytics page brings all of your hidden sales data to the forefront. We give you the ability to see exactly how your sales variables affect one another, which in turn allows you to structure your sales process for maximum profits. If you ever wondered “why does my spiced rum sell better in Chicago on Thursday’s as opposed to Friday’s,” now you can measure all of your other sales variables against those two variables to discover any correlations which may exist. This project has been in development for quite a while, and in celebration of its completion we’re giving it to everyone who either emails me at or comments on our last blog post for one month free (just give me your company name). Once you email or comment, we’ll send you the coupon for the free month. That’s a $69 value, all for free. We’re so proud of this new feature that we really just want to get it out there. If you aren’t currently using inSitu Sales, now might be the time to sign-up because those who sign-up within the next week will still be eligible for this offer.

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