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Track your sales reps activities and routes.

Geo-locate your customers and manage territories.

Customers & field team location

Locate your customers easily in the field and track sales reps route

  • Map visualization of your customer location.
  • Automatic location coordinates are sent every 5 minutes and/or ~65 ft (20 meters).
  • Works in online and offline mode.
  • No interaction needed by the sales rep

Set up territories and assign customers to sales reps

QuickBooks online does NOT require this component because it is cloud based.

  • Create territories/routes to better organization of your sales team.
  • Visualiza sales data of customers in a specific route.
  • Perform reverse geocoding to locate your customers in a map, but make sure you have a valid address. The success rate is about 80%.
  • Customer location can be updated by the sales rep using the mobile app and GPS coordinates.

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