Our Best Industry Use Cases

inSitu Sales software can help any wholesale distributors or manufacturers hoping to improve field sales operations, or expand into omnichannel through eCommerce.

Below are the industries that tend to be the best match for user success. As part of our emphasis on being beginner-friendly and accessible, we don’t charge set-up or start-up fees, and allow intensive (and free) 1-on-1 support to get questions answered.

CPG Distribution

Food & Beverage Industry

Distributors specializing in CPG rely on software that provides reliable inventory tracking on a larger number of products, and stores invoice history with partial payment options for their network of customers.

Tobacco distributors

Tobacco Industry

The tobacco industry benefits most from our ability to filter products by categories, subcategories, and brands. This allows for precise tobacco product selections and more convenient orders, without mixups. 

automotive industry

Automotive Industry

Our users distributing automotive supplies such as American Lube Supply want a straightforward route towards omnichannel sales. Our solution allows them to target and categorize customers with unique pricing and product lists, as well as capture signatures on routes for added confirmation. 

Features For Automotive Accessories, Oil, & Lube Distribution