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Your sales team and QuickBooks® in sync.

Seamless integration for QuickBooks® desktop and online version.

Integration dashboard

  • Enable/Disable the synchronization job.
  • Set up automatic sync between inSitu Sales and QuickBooks®: 10 minutes intervals.
  • Sync Customers, Items, Payment methods, Sales terms, Taxes, Inventory (Quantity on hand), Sales reps (customers and reps mapping is supported), Open invoices and more coming up!.
  • Create or update customers, estimates, invoices, sales orders and receive payments.
  • Sync open invoices and receive payments.
  • Sync of historical information by default.

The QuickBooks® WebConnector is required for the Pro, Premiere and Enterprise desktop version only

QuickBooks online does NOT require this component because it is cloud based.

  • The Web Connector is a program that comes with any QuickBooks desktop installation.
  • Set up automatic sync
  • It runs as a background process so you don't have to worry about it.

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