Marketing to the youth

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Marketing to the youth

One of the biggest stereotypes of youth in recent years have been their “impulsive” and “reckless” spending habits, and while you shouldn’t believe every stereotype you hear, there’s definitely something to this one. Younger people love to buy things, and while most businesses aren’t super unique on their own, the key for businesses these days is to set yourself apart from all of the other businesses. In the past, marketing and selling to younger people was pretty much the same for every new generation. However, the drastic increase in the complexity and breadth of technology and social media has changed everything.

Today’s youth (under 30 or so) are completely plugged in, which has changed the way in which they see the world (being one of them, I should know). Here I will outline some general rules to follow when marketing/selling to younger generations. 

Keep it short

 Tag-lines, pictures, emoji’s, etc. Young people are so preoccupied with other things that if you throw dense paragraphs at them, they’re more than likely to ignore you. 

Be visual

Use flyers, videos and pictures to show what you have. Visuals have the best chance of actually making a young adult take a second look.

Have a great we presence

 This should be a no-brainer, but is necessary for two main reasons. First off, when people hear about a product they might be interested in, the first thing they do is go online and search it up. If you have a marginal or inadequate web presence, people will open up the website, take one look, and leave. the other main reason is that young people are increasingly finding products on Instagram and Facebook via built in algorithms which show certain products to certain people. If you want your product to be shown on these sites (you do), and you want people to be interested, then you have to make your web-presence appealing. Keep in mind though, it costs money to advertise on social networking sites. The pay-off can be very worthwhile however. You’re going to have to spend money on marketing, so the key is knowing the most effective places to spend that money.

Make it cool

Today’s brands (where youth are involved) are all about being cool and unique. You should try and use the same strategy by employing younger people, armed with field sales software to capitalize on spontaneous orders, to sell the products (Millenials prefer to buy from millennials). Additionally, get inventive with how you market your stuff. Maybe go to a college campus and sponsor a competition with your product as the prize. If you sell scooters you could sponsor a race where the contestants use your scooters. The point here is to think different, because with thousands of brands out there, setting yourself apart from everyone else is key. 

Social Media Influencers

 I hate to say it, but if you really have a product you want to unload onto the youth, you should really look into getting a social media influencer on-board. These people have so much sway over buying habits these days, that the expense of getting them on board will end up being a very worthwhile investment. Just make sure that your product is on-brand with the influencer, because they can be picky about which brands they work with. 

How we can help

 inSitu Sales allows you’re salespeople to show your products to and take orders from customers in the field, which helps to capitalize on the spontaneous buying habits of young people. Streamlining the buying process is essential because the last thing anyone wants is to have to fill out paperwork when you’re just trying to make a purchase. Additionally, our B2B e-commerce portal gives you that all-important web presence. If interested in what inSitu Sales can do for you, just hit the link to schedule a free demo and enjoy a free trial of 14 obligation-free days.

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