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How mobile business apps can help you retain customers

Tips & Advice - January 28, 2016

In many cases, sales teams are trained on how to use mobile business applications to make new sales. They’re taught how to create estimates using the field sales software, create invoices and record payments. However, did you know these applications are also great for retaining customers?

Often one of your sales personnel will be working in an area that has a few customers that may be on the brink of cancelling their services. Or, they may be unhappy with a product or service. This is the perfect opportunity for your employee to use the mobile business application to help them out.

Many software types not only contain the helpful sales features describe above but also contain information on the customer’s last payments and complaints. In a sense, these apps provide you with a comprehensive view of the customer’s relationship with the company, allowing to better answer questions and suggest solutions.

Before sending your personnel into the field, make sure to not only instruct them how to make sales, but also how to retain customers. Here are a couple steps on how to do so:

  1. Set up an appointment.
  2. When talking to the customer, your initial goal is to figure out what happened. Show empathy and take responsibility.
  3. Offer solutions to the problem.
  4. If the customer wants to outright cancel, ask if they wouldn’t mind giving a brief exit interview and record this information in your mobile business application. This will be vital information to help you retain customers in the future.

Field sales software can be used in many ways to give your sales members an advantage while working.

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