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Continue to build trust even after installing mobile business applications

Tips & Advice - January 26, 2016

Mobile business applications can help you improve the productivity and efficiency of your sales personnel and reward those who go above and beyond expectations. However, do not begin using this field sales software at the expense of building a culture of trust. When used properly, business applications can be a handy tool to track your sales team in real-time, group customers by sales routes and provide customers with the most updated information.

Prior to handing your team members a spiffy new tablet and telling them you’re company will now begin to use field sales software, make sure to reinforce the positive aspects of the software. These include:

  • Recognize top performers.
  • Holding everyone more accountable. This can be especially helpful if sales have been poor in recent weeks or some employees feel like they aren’t being recognized for their hard work.
  • Reduces the burden to track expenses such as gas usage or punch-in and punch-out time. This allows employees to focus solely on their jobs of making a sale.
  • Increases productivity because the app can better form and manage routes on the fly.
  • Access to more information but will not be carrying around more paperwork. Employees who carry around stacks of paper will love this.

Some may initially see GPS tracking as a negative. That’s why it’s up to the manager to inform their team members how the GPS will fit well into the sales process.

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