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2 problems field teams face and how to fix them

Features - January 5, 2016

Just a couple of years ago, a study by Piper Jaffray indicated that nearly 60 percent of companies across the U.S. had planned to provide workers with tablets. That number jumped from 46 percent in 2012. Around 15 percent said they planned for “broad deployments” of tablets, up from 4 percent the previous year.

These numbers aren’t surprising and will surely grow in the coming years as companies try to help workers become more productive. If your company’s field sales team is experiencing the following two problems, think about upgrading from papers and folders to tablets and mobile business applications. Together, both can make your sales operation run smoother.

1. Decrease in efficiency and productivity

Your field sales team should not be carrying old maps around with them. This isn’t the 1990s! By now, sales reps should be keeping track of their progress by using mobile applications on tablets. Being able to better manage territory helps sales members complete their routes and companies make more money.

2. Poor customer service

Imagine watching a sales person walk up to your with a stack of folders and papers. In one hand he or she has a map to keep track of their progress. In the other, the sales person has the information to provide the lead. This intimidates homeowners. Keep things clean and simple by providing the sales person with a tablet that has all of the needed information.

Using mobile business applications that include GPS tracking, mobile invoicing and sales route information will ensure your sales team hits their daily goals and better satisfies customers.

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