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4 reasons your business needs to start using mobile applications

Tips & Advice - December 21, 2015

Has your company’s sales been weak this quarter? Are you losing more customers than you’re gaining? Do you feel like your sales team isn’t connecting with clients as well as you want them to? Solve these problems by building a mobile business application.

It’s important for businesses to grow by using the latest technologies to their advantage. In this article, we’ll focus on why mobile business applications are a necessity to your business.

1. Improve customer engagement

Are you not connecting enough with your clientele? If that’s the case, improve customer engagement with an app. It gives companies the potential to engage with customers on a multitude of different levels such as by real time or by location. If you sell hardware, for example, your app could provide downloadable do-it-yourself project instructions and then provide customers with deals for specific products that you sell and that could help them complete the project. It would also give them the option to directly connect with a sales member who could describe the product in more detail.

2. Customer service

People hate dialing into a customer service line and being presented with eight different options. They want to talk to a live person immediately. Imagine creating an app that allows people to easily connect with and talk to a store representative or sales member. The app could also provide cloud VoIP services so the customer and rep could talk.

3. Promotions

It’s important for your sales team be able to build and capitalize on leads. Imagine if your company offered coupons to people who wanted to be notified of company related news. Once a customer clicks on the coupon, they’d be directed to that particular product or service. They could then connect with a sales person who could describe to them the product.

4. Better colleague connections

If your sales team members are all using the same application, they’ll all have access to the same information. That means they’ll all be able to have access to product and sales trends, retention statistics, and customer complaints, if any. Together, they’ll be able to form a comprehensive strategy to make a sale and build relationships.

If you’re thinking of building a mobile business application, talk to a third-party. While companies can build one themselves, it often takes too much time to research and build one. A third-party has all the tools in place to help you.

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