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How field sales reps can earn a customer’s trust

Tips & Advice - November 17, 2015

An important part of field sales is being able to foster trust in your clients. A trusting client is more likely to bring your company repeat business, and will often spend more on each successive transaction.

Here are three ways to earn your customer’s trust:

  • Study your customer. Field sales representatives should never enter a business meeting blindly. Representatives should learn as much as possible about their client prior to meeting with them, so they can ask detailed questions about the company and their goals. One particular aspect to discover is where the customer is in the buying process. Knowing this will enable the representative to better cater the sales offering to the clients needs.
  • Quick response times. Clients never like waiting for extended periods of time. Being responsive and, in some instances, being able to react to your client in real time is critical to the sales process. To support this, employees need to have the clients interaction history, including prior sales orders, meeting notes, communications, contracts and other relevant information at their finger tips. These can all be made available through the utilization of mobile business applications.
  • Use automation. Another benefit of mobile apps for business is the ability to automate certain tasks, like using custom mobile forms. These automations allow the sales representative to streamline certain processes, resulting in a quicker customer interaction and a thankful, trusting client.

Field sales is inherently consultative, taking business directly to the client, and building their trust in the process. Face-to-face meetings are important in developing meaningful long-term relationships. Companies that use field service management software are able to provide clients with relevant information in real time.

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