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3 ways to boost employee motivation

Tips & Advice - August 11, 2015

A constant struggle of managers, especially those of field employees, is keeping your staff motivated. Though hiring an employee who already has a strong sense of self motivation is important, it is the managers responsibility to continually reinforce those qualities in those they oversee.

Here are three ways mobile business applications can assist managers in keeping their employees motivated:

Reward performance

One of the simplest ways to motivate employees is through recognition. Those rewarded will be thankful of the recognition and receive a boost in self confidence and those who aren’t will be further motivated to achieve that same level of success for themselves.

To do this, a manager should set pre-determined goals for his or her staff and monitor their progress though field sales tracking software. At the end of the time period or campaign push, review and reward the top performers.

Employee engagement

Keeping employees engaged is a constant struggle for managers, and is particularly challenging for those who oversee field representatives. Low engagement can lead to productivity decreases and costly turnover.

Mobile business applications allow for a simplified form of communication between the representative, management and other co-workers. Using the software, managers can also assign individual representatives specific projects that they can complete. Clear instructions, simplified communications and a constant stream of data feedback will help improve employee engagement.


Field employees are often left to their own devices, and they like that about their job, so constant oversight can often lead to a performance drop. But, at the same time, they need recourses available to them at a moments notice. Using location management functions build into a software solution will help managers keep track of their employees without feeling like a burden to them.

Three ways mobile business applications can help managers keep their field staff engaged

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