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2 myths about remote field teams

Tips & Advice - July 23, 2015

An increasing number of companies are seeing the benefits of having remote employees. In fact, according to a report from Global Workplace Analytics, the number of telecommuting employees rose 80 percent from 2005 to 2012.

Despite these numbers, there are a lot of misconceptions about field workers and perceived drawbacks they bring. Here are two of them, and why they’re not true:

Lack of company culture

Where there are no “water cooler” interactions for field teams, it can be harder to build corporate culture, but not impossible. To do so, start from the very beginning with the hiring process. Employ people who are enthusiastic and whose values align with those of the company. Then, utilize a software solution that makes intra-team communications seemingly effortless, so they can always reach out to their supervisors or co-workers for help.

From there, managers play a pivotal role in instilling corporate culture within their team. mobile software can help them encourage their employees by updating them on corporate strategies and goals and providing positive re-enforcement when milestones are reached.

No real-time or face to face interactions

Field representatives are often left to their own devices, so scheduling and time management is important to them. As such, their communications are often more deliberate, concise and focused than intra-office interactions. This means fewer distractions throughout the work day.

That’s not to say that real-time communication isn’t important, and by deploying the proper mobile apps for business, remote employees will still be able to interact with their colleagues right away when needed.

Field sales software has a number of benefits beyond simply supporting communication processes. Used properly, software solutions can help the entire business flourish.

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