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4 reasons why you shouldn’t build your own business app

Tips & Advice - July 8, 2015

With the growing prevalence of smartphones and other mobile devices in our society, its natural that companies would look towards them to help their business. While some companies do have the capabilities to create mobile business applications in house, developing your own software can be a big undertaking, and one that may leave your company in the red. Here are four reasons why you shouldn’t build your own app:

  • Time and money. App development requires a team of knowledgeable professionals, including developers, programmers and graphic designers. Hiring these people just to build an app can take a lot of time and cost a lot of money. Even if your company already employees people with these skill sets, Taking them off of their current assignments or having them split time will take even longer and cause your company other issues down the road.
  • Upkeep. The days of software being completed and released unto the world are over, and for good reason. Software can now be constantly updated, growing and evolving to fit your business need while ironing out any technical issues in the process. However, this will require staff members to be continually in charge of the upkeep for the app,
  • Distractions. Having to devote resources to the continual upkeep of a mobile will cause your company to lose focus. You’ll always be looking at the here and now and what you can do to fix the app instead of working on the long term goals of your business.
  • Missing something. Nothing’s worse than launching a product and realizing your forgot something. Its the same for a mobile business application, only if it’s made in house, often times that means going back to the drawing board, further delaying the apps implementation.

Using mobile business applications to create efficiencies is a great idea, but you shouldn’t attempt that undertaking alone. Using preexisting software will help alleviate all of these issues while still giving you the functionality you need.

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