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3 things that waste time in the field

Tips & Advice - July 6, 2015

Field sales representatives should spend the most time doing the task in their job title: selling. Unfortunately, some employees don’t have the tools they need to get their job done in an efficient manner, leading to lots of wasted time. Here are the three biggest time wasters for field employees:

  • Disorganization. Field representatives don’t just meet one or two clients a day. To maximize their productivity, employees have to meet with many customers across several industries. Lacking the organizational skills to manage all of these potentially disparate clients can cause a lot of time to be lost when in the field. When this happens, it isn’t necessarily the employee’s fault. inefficient or outdated record keeping can also contribute to workers spending more time that they need to when preparing for meetings. A well kept database as part of a field service management software solution is a good way to mitigate these concerns.
  • Scheduling. If whoever makes a representative’s schedule does not take into consideration locations and travel times, that schedule is effectively useless. Having to backtrack between meetings or frequenting main thoroughfares during rush hour can cause huge delays and a poor customer experience. Using field tracking software to help create an efficient schedule will keep both your employee and your customers happy.
  • Communication. If a field representative needs an approval from management, their supervisor needs to be able to receive their request and make a decision almost instantaneously. Failure to due so will make both your company and your employee look bad in the eyes of your client.

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