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How to instill remote employees with corporate culture

Tips & Advice - June 29, 2015

An important part of any business is its corporate culture. It helps present a unified front to customers through a consistent brand image while maintaining goal alignment and increasing employee engagement.

While this may be second nature to in-office employees, it’s difficult to build corporate culture in field representatives due to their remoteness. Here are three ways to get field employees on the same page:

Turn remoteness into a positive

Working in the field is drastically different from working in an office, so managers shouldn’t try and simulate office interactions in the field. Using team building exercises that embrace the nature of field work is a good way to help build team cohesiveness and improve corporate culture.


One aspect of remote employees is their excellence in working independently. Don’t work against that skill by forcing your team into meetings.

Survey results reported by support this, as 46 percent of employees would rather do almost anything than sit in a status meeting, including having a root canal (8 percent) and watching paint dry (17 percent).

Using traditional communication methods to share relevant information with your team is a good way to avoid these meetings while also presenting a good opportunity to insert levity into the proceedings by adding elements of humor in your messages. This will help build camaraderie and enforce a positive corporate identity.


Operating with transparency and involving employees in corporate decision making will give them a greater sense of investment in the company’s success. Even relatively small decisions, like the selecting the preferred intra-team communication method, counts as involvement.

Proper field sales management brings with it a lot of complexities. It’s essential that managers support their teams through the use of appropriate technology, like field service management software and other mobile business applications.

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