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4 mistakes managers make with their field employees

Applications, Tips & Advice - June 29, 2015

One of the constant struggles of managing field representatives is just simple, day-to-day monitoring. Making sure employees are productive and have everything they need for success is a huge part of management. The lack of proximity not only makes that process difficult, but makes it more important as well.

Here are some common mistakes managers make in this area, and how to fix them:

  • Work status assumptions. Traditional managers can take a quick stroll through the office to see if employees are busy. Remote managers can’t. Just because an employee’s schedule says they’re busy doesn’t mean they are. By being available for questions through various communication methods and by checking in with employees at least once a day they will feel accountable and will readily report pressing concerns to their manager. Also, managers can employ field tracking software to make sure employees are reaching appointment’s on time.
  • Feedback. Proper feedback will help keep an employee self-motivated while in the field. Failure to recognize employees for their actions decrease their drive to perform and will leave revenue in the dirt.
  • Tracking. Companies invest a lot of money into their employees. Failure to accurately track their progress lead to a lack of productivity and a wasted investment. Mobile business applications can help ensure accurate accounting of an employees productivity.
  • Personalization. Not being able to read things like body language and, in some cases, tone of voice is a huge hurdle to remote managing. Adding a personal touch when communicating with employees will help build rapport and increase morale, leading to a better working environment and more productive workers.

Managing field employees is hard, but it doesn’t have to be.  Field sales management software can help you efficiently and effectively manage your field representatives and lead them to their greatest potential.

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