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5 tips for effective territory management

Tips & Advice - June 22, 2015

Territory management is a critical aspect of field based businesses. Clearly defined territories will help ensure that field representatives are not competing against one another and do not negatively impact customer service through multiple visits.

A well managed territory will eliminate confusion and save time and money. Here are five steps for effective territory management:

  • Segment customers. Place your clients into categories that allow for easier organization and division into territories. Each territory should have strong sales potential, be reasonably sized and have the least amount of obstacles as possible. ]
  • Planning. Once your territories are established, devise a plan centered around your core objectives. Be as specific as possible. This will allow you to construct more detailed plans, including the time allocation per client. Input from your representatives into this aspect of the process can help, as they are the ones who have to execute the plan. Three things to always keep in mind during this process is that you want to service existing clients, contact potential clients and gain new clients from your competition.
  • Visit and route planning. Knowing how much time you want to allocate to each client will allow you to devise a schedule to meet your daily visit quota and minimize travel time. Establishing an effective route will allow you to reach more customers per day while keeping travel costs down.
  • Delegate. Before you send out a field representative, make sure they fully understand their scheduling requirements. Make sure they know the extent of their territory so they can avoid overlap and potential conflicts with other representatives.
  • Implementation and evaluation. No plan is 100 percent perfect from the start. There will always be little things to tweak along the way. A powerful tool that can help you evaluate what’s working and what isn’t are the GPS tracking features of field service management software. This will help you keep track of your employee’s travel times and change their routes if needed.

Effective territory management can save you time and money. Tracking software can play a crucial roll in evaluating territories while also keeping field representatives accountable and more productive.

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