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Why confident field sales representatives are more engaged

Applications, Tips & Advice - June 19, 2015

A common challenge that many field team mangers face is remote employee engagement. Monitoring employee involvement in those who spend little or no time in the office is difficult, but boosting their confidence levels is a great way to overcome this issue.

According to a recent article published by The Wall Street Journal, transparency and accountability is a crucial part of this endeavor. Employees who feel involved and have a sense of accountability for their performance are more likely to be engaged in their work.

The Wall Street Journal article contends that data is the best way to accomplish this. Allowing employees to use data to let them monitor their own progress will keep them focused, making them feel more connected to their work and more engaged in the process. And the accountability that stems from this data access will likely correlate to a better performance in the field.

“All [our employees] have access to the same data we have access to,” Tom Montgomery, co-CEO of the clothing startup Chubbies, told The Wall Street Journal. Montgomery continued, saying that, though allowing employees that level of access goes against traditional views, that level of knowledge can create efficiencies throughout the business.

“You have to trust all of these people to make the right decisions based on what they’re seeing. It takes a while to build up that trust, but once you do you can move much more quickly,” he said.

The Journal offers an example of this in action. Before data solutions, analysts or other employees spent time with databases and calculating figures for field sales personnel. With mobile business applications like sales management software, field employees have access to all of that information when they need it, allowing them to actively manage their sales and performance.

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