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How field tracking can improve your business

Features, Tips & Advice - June 19, 2015

According to a study by Pace Productivity, field representatives spend at least 13 percent of their day in transit from location to location. Though that may not seem like much, that time is vital to their overall performance. Delays in their commute can push their schedule back, causing late or missed meetings and, ultimately, a bad customer experience.

A GPS tracking feature incorporated into mobile business applications is an effective way to monitor the activity of your field employees, as it allows businesses to keep track of their progress and ensure accountability for delays.

Here are some other benefits this software provide to you:

  • Efficiency. Territory management is an important logistical factor for a company. GPS tracking allows managers to evaluate and adjust sales territories to minimize travel costs and time and increase sales revenue.
  • Productivity. Real-time monitoring of field representatives’ locations is a simple way to their productivity and hold them accountable. This will motivate representatives to perform better, driving them to reach more locations to maximize their work day.
  • Customer service. Ensuring timely visits is crucial to maintaining customer satisfaction. If there are any delays, managers can quickly reroute an available representative to take the meeting or notify the customer ahead of time of the setback.
  • Sustainability. Effectively managing the travel of field representatives will help lower your costs and your carbon footprint, keeping both your company and the environment sustainable.

GPS tracking is just one of the many features of field service management software to help you monitor and effectively supervise your field employees. With it, you can always see where your representatives are so that you can overcome any difficulties they encounter, making the best use of their time and keeping your company a step ahead of the competition.

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