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5 tips for effective communication in field sales management

Tips & Advice - June 15, 2015

Effective internal communication is an important part of any business, even more so in field sales. Good management commits to providing their employees with everything they need to succeed, and field representative must be comfortable relating their concerns to their managers immediately. Businesses lacking that back and forth are doomed to fail, as it results in a low morale and stressed customer relationships.

Here are five tips for bettering internal communication:

  • Top down. Effective communication as to start from the management level. From day one, managers should establish a tone of open and honest communication. This helps build trust and confidence in employees so they are more willing to initiate discussions with management down the road.
  • Training and coaching. Both managers and employees need training and coaching in order to succeed. Training establishes the tools to both need to succeed in their roles and coaching allows for on the job assessments of productivity and guidance. Both should occur often to remain relevant.
  • Communication methods. In today’s connected world, there are more communications options available than ever before. Use them all, but to each medium’s strength. Text messaging and email are good for their immediacy and work well with quick updates or fact checking. Phone calls work well for more detailed communication, while face to face is more effective for coaching.
  • Standards. Communication should have metrics, too. Establish a framework for success through model communication practices. Then, compare that model with current standards, identify what isn’t working, and develop correction methods. Review these often to ensure effectiveness.
  • Honesty. Trust and transparency are key. Managers who withhold information can hurt company culture and leave employees feeling excluded and distrustful. Likewise, employees who don’t openly share information with their colleagues can create bad business and customer relations situations down the road.

Technology has improved communication greatly in recent years. Things like field service management software help companies accomplish goals that would be unachievable otherwise.

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