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Why introverts are a good fit for field sales

Tips & Advice - June 9, 2015

Hiring good field sales representatives is not easy. Good sales reps need to be able to deliver great customer service, high customer retention, extensive product knowledge, problem solving skills and easily foster positive relationships with clients. Though extroverts can be good fit for that, not all energetic, outgoing people are right for field sales. In fact, introverts may be better.

A recent article by The Wall Street Journal on the difficulties of filling sales positions argues that post-recession clientele are better informed on the products they’re looking to buy and that traditional “wheeler-dealers” aren’t a good fit anymore.

While introverts are often considered shy or antisocial, they have key skills that can help maintain customer relationships which translate into sales boosts. Here are some reasons why they’re a good fit for field sales:

  • Listening. Introverts are often excellent listeners. Being able to absorb a lot of information allows them to better analyze it and provide better product solutions to fit a client’s needs.
  • Client centric. Clients like to be catered to. Through their listening, introverts give client’s more time in the limelight, which instills respect.
  • Focus. Their listening and knowledge intake gives introverts a sharper focus than others. They ask questions that are simple and direct, which gives the client more opportunities to open up about their business.
  • Lacking impulsivity. Introverts don’t just talk for the sake of talking. Everything is calculated with an end result in mind. By contrast, some extroverts often talk to just to fill silence, which may come off as overbearing to some clients.

No one is completely introverted and extroverted. Ultimately, the best thing for hiring field reps is balanced. Having a team that communicates well and leverages the strengths of both personality types while maintaining connectivity through field service management software will help improve your company’s productivity.

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