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What are the major pain points for field sales reps?

Sales Tools - June 9, 2015

Sales reps often have demanding jobs, spending much of their time out on the road working with clients and trying to create deals that work for everybody involved. There is a lot of pressure that goes into that kind of job, so managers should always be looking to make the process smoother.

What that comes down to is the kind of field service management programs that an organization has in place. Without the right support system, life on the road can be difficult for sales reps, which in turn can have a negative affect on the company as a whole. Luckily, there are plenty of ways this can be fixed.

Here are a few major field sales rep pain points to look out for:

  • Lack of corporate communication: Field sales reps are out on the road, which means they can often feel disconnected from the rest of the company. There needs to be strong communication between all departments, as this will lay the foundation for solid working relationships.
  • Poor quality sales training: Just because a sales rep knows how a product works or what services it provides does not mean they will be able to sell it well. In order for these field reps to be successful, a company will need a comprehensive sales training course in order to prepare all sales employees.
  • Researching information on leads: Sales reps are often pressed for time, which means they will need as much information as possible when they are working with different clients. This means they might not have time to do research beforehand, which is what the marketing department should take care of.

Managers who wish to help their field sales business blossom should consider the impact field sales software can have on sales, growth margins and even payback periods. Your organization would likely benefit from inSitu field service software.

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